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JU Spoofs


Welcome to our Jadavpur University spoof site!

Well here are the  things that you can do or look for....

- Browse thru the funny stories submitted by our viewers
- See if you can find any familiar characters and funny secrets that  you never knew
- Meet strange characters that you never knew existed in you campus
- Submit a story that you would like to share under various categories
- Please don't send us any offensive content and make sure they are funny
- Also you might want to take revenge on your friend who had tricked  you long time back by publishing his funny secret on this site
- There are  numerous possibilities
- I know our JU freinds are  creative enough
- Lets make the best out of this and do something exciting

Don't worry!!! Be Happy!!!

Please get in touch to offer comments
You can e-mail us at:

2003 Earth Street, Earth