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JU Spoofs
About Us

Many viewers like to know about the group and people behind the this site. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our purpose behind this site.

Our Philosophy

The objective of this site is to connect people with their cherished memories of the campus, old friends and their great stories. We sure had a lot of  fun during our college days and still  wish if we could go back  to the old days. Not that we are not enjoying ourselves now. But there's no harm in asking for more.
By the way if   you are offended by any content here, just let us know. All we want is share a laughter even at the expense of one  single  person or a group unless that  individual or group is seriously offended and cannot take the joke in a light mood.

Our Morderators

no kidding!!!

Our Campus

Here is a picture of our campus.

2003 Earth Street, Earth