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605 W Madison St.  # 1309, Chicago IL 60661

Ph:(312) 902-2944 (Home), (312) 795-3965 (Work)


OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in a progressive organization promising a dynamic and diverse environment conducive to professional growth by utilizing my technical, analytical and people skills to the fullest extent.



SUMMARY: Five years experience in MVS, VM, CICS, DB2, COBOL, MQ-Series, VB. Exposure on other platforms include C/UNIX, Java, IDL, XML and ASP. Business Systems worked on include Production System, Financial ERP, E-technology, Direct Web Applications, Middleware (Vitria Businessware) etc.



1. Worked as a programmer in development of a Flat Products Complex System in Tata Iron And Steel Company.

2. Worked as a team member of Support Team of Tamaris (Walker Financials) in all releases including E2 Deep e-Business solutions.

3. Installation and support of E-technology in Tamaris.

4. Installation and support of Direct Web Enabled Tamaris.

5. Implementation of Vitria Businessware.



1) Interra Software (India) Pvt. Ltd., India

Date: Feb '99 till date

Designation: Software Engineer

Project: Walker Financials

Client: Walker Interactive Solutions Inc., USA/ Elevon Inc., USA

Modules: Procurement Management (AP/PO/IM), General Ledger, CARMS, Direct Web Access, e-Technology and Walker Client GUI

Responsibilities: Worked as a team leader in the bug-fixing group, in the level-3 support (level-1 & 2 being on the customer side and Walker location respectively) and installation. Also involved as a member of training task force and organized training sessions on related topics. Currently working with the E2 support team at Elevon.

Period: Feb 1999 till date

Location: Noida, UP and San Francisco, USA

Software Platform: VM, MVS, Windows NT/95

Hardware Platform: IBM ES9XXX, PC

Languages and software used: COBOL, CICS, DB2, Rexx, JCL, Vantive, Visual Basic


Project: Synapse

About the system: This is a Web based application meant for secured Web access within the intranet.

Client: Walker Interactive Solutions Inc, US/ Elevon Inc. US

Modules:  Download Service, Administration and GUI

Responsibilities:  Worked as a team member in the designing and coding of the download service and the Administration module.

Period: June1999 - December 1999

Location: NEPZ Noida, UP

Software Platform: Windows NT

Languages and software used: ASP, VB6, Java, VBScript, Java Script


Project: Businessware

About the system: This is a complete EAI solution provided by Vitria Inc. USA. The implementation of the product was the main responsibility here.

Client: Vitria Inc, US

Responsibilities: The implementation activity included trouble-shooting and determining the problems encountered during installation of the connection models and also during their testing phase.

Period: December 2000- March 2001.

Location: Noida UP and Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Software Platform: Windows NT

Languages and software used: Java, IDL, XML




2) Tata Consultancy Services, India

Date: July '97 to January '99

Designation: Assistant Systems Engineer

Client: FLAT PRODUCT COMPLEX (FPC-IS), Tata Iron And Steel Company

Work Location: Jamshedpur, India


1) HSM planning and scheduling: Hot Strip Mill Planning and scheduling also integrated with other systems such as transferring data to a Slab Yard Management System etc.

2) Steel planning and scheduling: The module was being developed to meet the production and planning requirement of LD2/SLAB CASTER

3) Metallurgical System: This module dealt with the metallurgical aspects of the steel products which ensures the quality of end product as well during all intermediate processes. There were four logical groups within this module, slab inspection and decision, Coil inspection, Testing and decision Sheet plate inspection and decision Reference file maintenance.

Period: December 1997 to Jan 1999

Position: Team Member

Responsibilities: The project was done by TISCO in consultation with TCS. As a team member, involved in activities like attending user meetings to clarify user requirements, analyzing and designing the system, according to ISO requirements, preparing Quality procedural documents like user requirement specifications, system requirement specification, HLD Documents (DFDs, ERDs, Structure Charts), system test specification, LLD Documents (Program Specs), Unit Test Plans, coding of Online and Batch Programs, unit/integration/system testing.

H/w Platform: IBM-ES/9121

Languages & s/w Environment: MVS, CICS, DB2, SDF, VS COBOL-II, CSP, JCL, REXX, OS/2




Platforms: IBM ES9XXX, PC, and HP-UX

Operating Systems: MVS, VM, OS/2, UNIX, DOS, WINDOWS 95/98/2000/NT

Application Software: CICS, IMS/DC, DB2, VSAM, Vitria Businessware, IIS, SQL Server

Languages: VS-COBOL II, C, CSP, VB6, ASP, Java, VBScript, Java Script, IDL, and XML

Other Software used: Vantive, Web Publishing Software


EDUCATION - Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta in 1997 with 1st Class