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Let me intro myself.

Born and brought up in India, I spent all of my student life in the City of Joy - Kolkata, India. I did my graduation in Mechanical Engg. from Jadavpur University.

Currently I am working as a Software Engg. based in Chicago.


I play the spanish guitar a liitle bit. I have played with amature bands in Kolkata, represented the University band during my college years. I also played with a band called Resonanz in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am also into photography, though I get/spend much less time in that. I own a Canon Elan 7E.


The amature band that I played in. There was Jishu, Ishan, Sunny, Patty, Arup and Bumba. We played in the local clubs and parks in Calcutta on occasions.


This was our college band, we won several prizes in inter college competitions. Roni, Sub, Boni, Partho and Swing used to play in this band with me.


Jadavpur University Photography Club was where I learnt the skill. A great place where the college students worked together organising nation wide Salons, going on rambles, developing and printing and of course having a lot of fun.



I like bands and artists like The Beatles, Purple, Floyd, Doobie Brothers, Sting, Zepplin, Van Halen etc. I like very few selected hindi songs mostly those by the RD, Jatin Lalit, Rehman etc. In Bangla music I am more into the band music, my favourites are Cactus from Kolkata and some of the Bangladesh bands - ARK, LRB, Feedback. I am into Indian Classical music too.


The type of movies that I like in order of preference.

Friends is my favourite sitcom (Phoebe my favourite character).

Favourite place that I have visited.

I went to the top of Sandakphu, a part of the Himalayas and the highest point of West Bengal. This was a neat trek with my college buddies at the end of my final year in college. That was the most wonderful place that I have ever been to.